Tips to Step Up Your Photography Game This 2020

It is another year for great opportunities, fun activities, and exciting travels. So, if you are an aspiring blogger, an individual who wants to showcase your talent, or if you simply want to share to everyone about your adventures, photography is a key skill that you need.

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With the ever-increasing power of social media, photography has become a powerful tool for creatives to display their talent. It is also a vital element for bloggers to convey their message to their audiences. Bloggers, creatives, or artists can make use of photography to garner a number of following by capturing people’s attention with eye-catching photos.


Many people may think that photography is easy, but if you have a brand to market or a talent to share, you still need the right skills to convey your work in a photograph. So, how do you turn so-so photos to eye-catching captures? Here are some photography tips that are a game changer for you.

Learn More About Your Gear

It is not really about the type of camera that you own, but it is more on your expertise in making use of something that you have. You can spend thousands for a high-end camera, but if you do not have the right understanding or knowledge of the basics of photography, then you cannot produce an output that is worthwhile or what you desire.

Ways to Step Up Your Photography Game This 2020 (2)
Night Trail in Singapore (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Be Inspired by Others

There is no better way than enhancing your photography skills by being inspired by your favorite photographers. See how they compose their images—from framing, colors, angles, to edit. And, you can develop your own style and create an output that you desire to show.

Tell a Story

Aside from simply capturing swoon-worthy photos, one of the best ways to capture people’s attention is to convey a story through stills. What do you want to tell to your audience? How do you want your audience to think when they see your photo?

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Charlene Mae on her 4th birthday (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Enhance Your Photo Editing Skills

We can’t deny it. Even the most skilled photographer edits or applies enhancements to their photos. By editing your photos through photo editing applications or software, such as Adobe Lightroom, you can gain more control of the mood and atmosphere that you want to give. Just make sure to not overdo it, though.

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Anjo Eye in Anjo World (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

The learning curve can be long and difficult. However, constant practice can definitely help you step up your photography game. Always carry that camera with you. Capture things that get your attention. And, be more creative and imaginative with your photos.

Ways to Step Up Your Photography Game This 2020 (5)
Charlene Mae fun shoot (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Learning the wonders of photography is a wonderful hobby. It can help you transform simple images to amazing ones. All you have to do is to keep being inspired and apply all the photography tips that you have learned.


You can also attend photography classes or even just have a photowalk—the streets are a great place to capture stories.


We are happy to share with you more of our photos. Check out our projects today and together, let’s explore the beautiful realm of photography.

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