Cebu Local Photographers: Shoot for a Cause


Would you believe it’s been a whole damn year since we created Cebu Local Photographers? In case you haven’t been following us on our socials, Duo Lens Project created a local photography group exclusive for Cebuano photographers last October 2020. This was made with an effort to establish a community where photographers in Cebu can learn from each other, expand their network, and form lasting friendships.

And voila—we’re happy to say CLP is 500+ members strong!

In line with this, we’ve celebrated our one-year anniversary by organising a SHOOT FOR A CAUSE dedicated to street children and families. This event was held in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu beside Coral Reef.

CLP Shoot for a Cause by Creatives Photography
Behind the scenes of CLP's Shoot for a Cause by Creatives Photography

People who made the event possible


  • Chinelyn Bensi
  • Angel Sofie
  • Mia Joy Maraña
  • Ellie Go
  • Dussel Mortejo
  • Jiana Mortejo
  • Ejelene Siaton
  • Crissa Marie Lucero
CLP Shoot for a Cause Models



Distribution of food to the homeless

Thanks to everyone who attended plus some few donations, we were able to distribute 100 pcs. of packaged food. The distribution was done via motorcade by partnering with Click Squad Cebu – a motorcycle club and a growing community of Honda Click owners in Cebu.


Our starting point was in Plaza Independencia to Fuente Osmeña Circle, V. Rama, Duljo, Colon, then back to the Plaza.


We were around 20+ motorcycles parading around the city!

CLP Shoot for a Cause Food Distribution with Cebu Click Squad
Group photo with Click Squad Cebu by Rey Ags

Thank you!

We’d like to give our biggest thank you to everyone who participated and donated for our shoot for a cause. It’s only our one year as a community and we’re happy to create something amazing!


If you’d like to be a part of our community, whether you’re new in photography or have been in the industry for a long time, feel free to join us! Simply answer and complete all membership questions and we’ll accept you to the group right away.


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