Useful Guide for Your Next Photowalk in Cebu City

Planning your first or next photowalk in Cebu City can be exciting. If you are new to photography or if you want to further practice your craft, make use of this useful guide to get started with your photowalk.

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The island of Cebu is rich in culture and history. It is, without a doubt, a place with so many stories to tell—from being the oldest city in the Philippines and bearing the oldest street in the country to hosting the popular Sinulog Festival.


Cebu city is overflowing with traces of the Philippine history left by the Spanish colonization.


And if you happen to be a photographer/photography enthusiast, you already know how much Cebu city has to offer. With the city’s beautiful history-rich places and its interesting people, it is the perfect place for a photowalk.

What Is a Photowalk?

Photowalking is a popular activity among photographers who want to take photos of things that interest them, be it architectural structures, nature, people, scenery, or more. Most of all, a photowalk is an opportunity to practice your craft and challenge your skills and creativity in photography.


Whether you are doing a solo or group photowalk, this activity is a fun and perfect way to capture stories using your camera.

The Best Places to Have a Photowalk in Cebu City

Fuente Osmeña Circle

The very heart of Cebu City is the famous Fuente Osmeña Circle. The rotunda park offers serenity in the middle of the bustling city traffic and it is one of the places where events, such as Sinulog and Christmas concerts, are held.


During the night, the circle is beautifully lit with the lights from the surrounding establishments, making it the perfect place to capture city lights.

Downtown Cebu

Downtown Cebu is a fun place to visit. As one of the business centers on the island, you will find interesting scenes and things to photograph, especially along the busy streets of Colon


Every Christmas season and Sinulog, downtown Cebu is bustling with excitement and energy and is an amazing place to capture stories. The next time you visit the city to take photographs, you should definitely add Downtown Cebu to your list!

South Road Properties (SRP)

If you want more calming images of Cebu city, the South Roads Property (SRP) is your go-to place for a photowalk. SRP is away from the busy streets and offers a wide view of the sea and the city.


Since it is a freeway, this place is a perfect spot to get your long exposure shots.

Important Reminders Before Photowalking

Duo Lens Project - Photowalk in Cebu 2020 (1)
Our co-photographers during our Photowalk in Cebu City (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Check the weather report.

The last thing you want to happen is to find yourself sheltering in a nearby store. Make sure to have your photowalk day when it’s bright and sunny.

Wear a comfortable outfit.

Obviously, you will be walking long distances during a photowalk. Wear appropriate shoes and clothes that are comfortable for walking distances.

Stay hydrated.

Bring your own bottle of water. If you are planning to have a longer route, you must stay hydrated to have more energy.

Be respectful to people.

Some people do not want to be photographed. Be respectful and don’t take photos of them if they refuse.

Follow the law.

There are some places in Cebu city that do not allow taking photos. They even require a permit. When security stops you from shooting, respect their rules and stop taking photos of the area.

Be responsible for your valuables.

No matter where you are in Cebu City, ALWAYS be alert and take care of your gear. As much as possible, wear your camera sling at all times. Also, when you see a suspicious person eyeing you and your camera for a long time, keep your gear and transfer to a safer place.

Stay safe.

Be careful when crossing the street. Watch out for traffic and possible thieves.

How to Get Started with Your Photowalk

A historical house in downtown Cebu (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Plan your route ahead.

Draw up a plan to save you time and effort in walking to your next route. Having a walk plan indicating the landmark where you’ll start, places you’ll pass, and the location where you’ll end can help make your photowalk smooth.

Start taking photos immediately.

Think of it as a warm up. Condition yourself by taking photos of random scenes rather than waiting for a subject that interests you.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Like the saying goes, the best moments are the ones that are unexpected. When you see a perfect scene, make sure you and your camera are ready to capture that moment.

Be creative.

Don’t limit your creativity and imagination. Find yourself walking in a boring street? Be creative! Use leading lines, find natural frames, shoot at different angles, experiment with colors, patterns, and textures, or capture shadows and reflections!

Don’t delete photos.

Wait until you’re home before deleting your photos. You’d be surprised that some photos are actually good compared to when you first glanced at them on your camera screen.

Rest and stop walking.

Don’t push yourself too hard. Rest when you have to and stop walking for a while to regain your energy. By then, you’ll be able to reach your destination faster.

Have fun.

The best part of photowalking is you get to meet new people, and possibly, grow your network or connections. Don’t hesitate to talk to people if you are doing a solo photowalk or engage with your group. And oh, don’t forget to bring your business card. This could come in handy for you.

Photowalk Gallery

Check out some of our photos during our photowalk in Cebu City.

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