The Villalon Mansion in Cebu

It’s not new for Cebuanos to have places in the city where history still haunts the present times, literally. In fact, there are a number of haunted places in Cebu. But even until now, this one place remains to be the most mysterious, as no visitor has ever visited it to experience the place firsthand. Only a few of its caretakers have access inside the property.

This is just a twice-told tale of the Villalon Mansion for our Halloween special. Some information available on this post may no longer be relevant to this day.

Meet, The Villalon Mansion, which sits on top of a hill just behind the Cebu Provincial Capitol. The mysterious and eerie-looking mansion is owned by one of Cebu’s most prominent families, the Villalons. In the 50s and 60s, legend says that the family used to host luxurious parties. But in the 90s, they migrated abroad, and ever since, it has been abandoned and has remained off-limits to everyone.


No one, as far as we know, has ever gotten a closer look of what’s inside the mansion and has shared their experience. It will be an opportunity if you were one of the caretakers, but only if you have a brave soul to face the mystery and the paranormal activity that surrounds the place.


The gates to the mansion have a guard to watch for trespassers or any unwanted visitors. Nearby residents of the area are also strict with the access to the place, as they have signages that say non-workers of the mansion cannot enter the private property.

Duo Lens Project - The Villalon Mansion in Cebu
Outside view of The Villalon Mansion (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

As much as we want to explore and uncover the mansion’s mysteries, we cannot deny the fact that this hauntingly beautiful mansion in the Queen City of the South shares its number of haunting stories.


Just like other abandoned places, entities which are not of our kind most likely occupy the place. There have been a number of reports from residents near the mansion stating that there are sightings of a lady dressed in white standing in one of the windows while staring at the streets. We have also heard that this lady in white could be heard singing or humming an old-fashioned melody every full moon.


One driver even claimed to have once had a lady passenger dressed in white to get dropped off in the mansion. When they arrived in front of the gate, the lady was already gone.


The sightings of the white lady is not the only haunting stories that lurk around the place, but nearby residents have also reported that they have seen children playing and running around inside the mansion. Other than that, some have claimed to hear unusual noises and sightings in the place and said strange things happen there, especially during night.


Who is the lady in white? Who were those children? What were the things behind those unusual noises and sightings? Well, who knows?

Duo Lens Project - The Villalon Mansion Gate
Villalon Mansion's main gate (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

The Villalon Mansion remains a mystery to most of us. And, its scary stories remain haunting to the nearby neighbors, those who pass by the area, and to us Cebuanos.


While these spooky tales give us the creeps, it is not so bad to have your fair share of creepy stories about the place. You can easily sight the mansion behind Cebu City’s Capitol. Or, if you are a strong soul, you can even pass by in front of the gate and talk with one of the neighbors to hear some creepy stories.


Do you have a scary story or experience with the Villalon Mansion? Share them with us!


Source: Y101 FM

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