Terms And Conditions

When engaging in our photography services in Cebu, you are bound to observe the terms and conditions that we have set to ensure your booking with us will run as smooth as possible. It is your responsibility to check this page from time to time for any changes and updates.

Terms and Conditions for Photography Services

The following terms and conditions are applied as soon as the client engages with Duo Lens Project. These terms and conditions cannot be varied in any way by the client unless such conditions are expressly agreed by both Duo Lens Project and the client.

Copyright and Reproductions

All photographic materials, such as digital files, transparencies, previews, etc. shall be the exclusive property of Duo Lens Project. Duo Lens Project shall own the copyright in all images produced and shall have exclusive rights to reproduce the images.

Rights to Display

The client hereby allows Duo Lens Project to display, post, or use any photograph covered by this contract for business, advertising, portfolio, or promotional purposes.

Client Photo Usage Rights

Without the permission from Duo Lens Project, the client shall not download, copy, print, screenshot, use as a basis for derivative works, manipulate in any way, or otherwise use the images created by Duo Lens Project.

If Duo Lens Project grants the client to use the images, the client shall be liable to credit Duo Lens Project in each and every post on social media or any medium of displaying the images.

Image License of Unlimited Usage Rights

For commercial and product photography, Duo Lens Project may authorize unlimited usage rights to the client. In exchange for payment, Duo Lens Project grants an unlimited, irrevocable, and perpetual worldwide license in the usage of images, including the rights to distribute, reproduce, publicly display, or create derivative works of the images in any platform for any purpose.

Duo Lens Project may not sell, license, or allow any other party to use or sublicense the images, except Duo Lens Project. Duo Lens Project may use the images for advertising, business, promotional, or portfolio purposes.

For Image License payment inquiries, please contact us.


Duo Lens Project requires a partial payment of 50% before the said booking date to reserve the schedule. The client must pay the remaining balance during the booking date. Failure to pay during the day of the booking shall allow Duo Lens Project to hold the images from distribution until the full payment has been made. For payment methods, please contact Duo Lens Project.


All images created by Duo Lens Project will be adjusted for skin blemishes, exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. The client is not allowed to edit the photos in any form, such as filter, brightness or exposure adjustment, etc.


I. The client must confirm the booking 3 days before the event to avoid any unnecessary expenses from Duo Lens Project.

II. In the event that Duo Lens Project cannot attend the booking day due to an emergency, accident, or any unfortunate circumstance, Duo Lens Project must inform the client and endorse a new photographer.

Personal Accidents during the Shoot

Duo Lens Project cannot hold responsibility for any personal accidents during the photoshoot. The client must look after their well-being and do any client-desired poses at own risk.

Obtaining of Photos

Depending on the client’s preference, Duo Lens Project may send the photos using the client’s flash drive or through Dropbox. Please take note that Duo Lens Project will only put the photos on Dropbox for up to two weeks only. Clients are requested to download all photos as soon as the Dropbox link is provided.

This agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications of this agreement can be changed from time to time. The client holds the responsibility to check this webpage for any updates.

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