Ways to Support Local Businesses and Local Artists

As our country recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, local businesses in various industries need us more than ever. They need our total support so they can get through these tough times. Today, let us play our part as a way to help them get back on track.

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Most of the local businesses in our city are experiencing financial strain and are worried if they can continue operating in the future. Now that our national government is easing down restrictions, it is about time that we try and visit our local stores first. This allows them to regain the financial stability that they have lost for months due to the pandemic lockdown.

Why Support Local?

Ways to Support Local Businesses and Local Artists (4)

Our local businesses bring growth and character to our communities. They provide various employment opportunities for everyone. Whether they are selling clothing and food or offering beauty and entertainment services, these businesses are what make our city unique and special.

Ways to Support Local Businesses

Order takeout or delivery

You might have noticed that most food businesses have found a way to continue serving customers during this difficult time. Many of them now offer takeout and delivery as an option. Now is the best time to order from your favorite restaurant or one of the stores that you miss.

Make use of local delivery apps

Whenever you need essential items to be delivered to someone else, you can always count on local delivery apps such as Angkas. More than our everyday heroes to beat the city traffic, Angkas Padala can also send the things you need to get delivered safely and promptly. Not only are you taking advantage of this convenience but you are supporting our drivers as well.

Give shout-outs on social media platforms

Just received your ordered food or items from your favorite local store? Why not give a special shout-out to them on Facebook or Instagram? During this time, more people are active on social media. Meaning, you are making a large audience become aware of your favorite store’s business.

Avoid paying in cash as much as possible

Local store employees are as afraid as we are in contracting the virus. While some of us don’t need to have a face-to-face with strangers every day, these employees do. When an alternative payment method is available, such as GCash and online bank transfer, make use of it instead. This is a simple way to limit the risk of exposure to the virus.

Become more understanding

For the past few months, some businesses have either been forced to temporarily close or to follow strict protocols for safety purposes. This means that these factors could have greatly affected their service delivery. Be more understanding when ordering personally at the store would take longer than usual or would require a different ordering process. This would mean a lot to them!

Elizabeth’s Empanada


Chocolate Cakes by Nicole

Swirl Dessert Corner

Supporting Our Local Artists

Cattski Espina

Of course! How can we forget about our talented homegrown artists?


With arts and events spaces still closed, gigs, workshops, and conferences are put on hold. Although artists have begun and continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’ by sharing their talents online, showing them our support can help keep their fire burning.


To maintain healthy arts, music, and dance communities, here are a few ways you can support them.

Like, comment, and share

One of the simplest ways to support our local artists is to engage in their social media posts. Like their page, comment on their posts, and share their videos and photos to your friends and family so it could reach beyond the local community.

Participate in online activities and workshops


The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Intertextual Division has invited all visual artists, such as photographers, graphic designers, and painters to submit their works related to COVID-19, Lockdown, Isolation, ECQ, and Healing for their Ani 41 Journal.


The music community has prepared a lot of online activities that you can participate in, such as Dasig Bisaya. It is a weekly online songwriting competition open to everyone who loves writing original Bisaya songs.


Cebu’s Dance Community has brought their dance competitions online. V9 Dance Hub is currently hosting an event called “Outlast”. It is a quarantine choreo competition open to all dancers, dance enthusiasts, and choreographers.

Attend online shows

No one can stop our favorite homegrown artists from entertaining us with their music and dance choreographies. You can browse through Facebook’s events or visit your favorite artist’s page to stay updated on when they are going live on Facebook and Instagram. Encourage your friends and family to watch with you.

Share their works of art to your friends

If your favorite local artist just posted a new artwork, photo, music, or dance video, don’t hesitate to share them with your friends! They will feel more motivated knowing that they have people who support their work.

Join fundraisers

Behind every great talent is a person with a good heart. Don’t you know? Our local artists are organizing fundraisers and charity events for people affected during this COVID-19 crisis. Show them your support by participating in their events.

The Rice Movement

During the online shows of Dasig Bisaya, donations from private individuals, as well as corporate sponsors, will be given to The Rice Movement. It is an initiative to raise funds to buy rice for families greatly affected during this challenging time.

Bigay Kulay

Bigay Kulay aims to provide Positive Distraction and Learnings from educational materials to help the youth cope with the pandemic. Currently, they are asking help from artists to curate a special activity book for the kids.

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