Why Get Your Senior Portraits This Graduation

It’s finally time to wear your toga and get your diploma. Mark this special milestone in life with creative senior portraits that you can keep forever. Say goodbye to boring and staged yearbook/graduation pictures and say hello to photos that show everyone the real YOU.

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Today’s youth are more technologically savvy and are arguably the most photogenic people than those of the previous generation. With creative selfies and portraits, their Instagram feeds are proof of their naturally photogenic selves. And because it is graduation month, there’s no better time to take photos to the next level!


After sleepless nights, a hundred cups of coffee, and brain-wrecking exams, you should reward yourself with more than just the traditional yearbook and graduation photoshoot.

What Are Senior Portraits?

Senior portraits are one of the ways to celebrate a senior student’s special milestones in life—through a creative photoshoot. Unlike the traditional yearbook and graduation pictorials done in photo studios,senior portrait sessions are more fun, creative, and personalized—although they are not popular in the Philippines yet.

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Why Invest in Senior Portrait Sessions?

Your senior year, whether in high school or college, marks the achievements of average student life. It is often the last year where you get to spend time everyday with the group of friends who grew up with you until they study in other universities. Or, it will be the last year of seeing your batchmates in school until you go your separate ways and land different jobs.


So, why should you consider trying a senior portrait session?

It’s All About YOU!

Yes, you might have a yearbook or graduation photographer who will visit your school to take your pictures. But a senior portrait session is all about YOU! You can design your own session by telling your photographer what theme you would like to achieve.


Were you a school varsity player? A dancer or cheerleader? Or perhaps, one of the student leaders? Then why not show everyone what it’s like during your entire student life through pictures? Your senior portraits should be a unique representation of you.

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A Way to Show the New You

Graduating from high school or college sure did turn you into a better, stronger, and smarter person. Through a portrait session, you get to let others see the bolder and more powerful you.


With a senior portrait, you can say goodbye to classic photo studio sessions with generic poses and the same old plain background. These limit the ideas you want to show.


You can coordinate with your photographer to help you come up with unique poses and get your photo sessions done in a place that best speaks your style. Yes! It’s like you are having your very own pre-debut shoot.

You Have the Best Photos

Traditional yearbook and graduation pictures are common. Everybody else has them. But having senior portraits means you get to stand out from the rest.


Your portrait photographer will also let you see the selection of images taken after your session and let you choose some of the photos you want to have.


All the best photos selected are given star treatment, custom edited, and retouched to make them even more beautiful.

Senior Portrait - Mary Jillian-02

You Can Include Your Friends, Too

Your high school or college years would not be complete with the fam who has been with you through everything from all-nighters and drunken nights to group studies and food adventures.


Coordinate with your photographer so they can tweak their senior portrait package so it could fit you and your friends!


You don’t have to stress about whether you will look good in your photos or how they will turn out. Your photographer will make sure that each and every photo will be perfect for you. It is their job to bring out the best and most beautiful you. You will definitely be happy with the results!

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