Potato Corner’s Gold Card 2020: One-Year FREE Supply of Giga Fries

What’s the best type of gold? Potato Corner’s Gold Card! Last December 2, 2019, Potato Corner officially opened their contest for the 500 lucky winners who will receive #1YearFREEFries this 2020.

Update—CONGRATULATIONS to the 500 lucky winners!


See the list of Potato Corner’s Gold Card sweepstakes winners here.


Since the year 1992, Potato Corner has been serving us with the World’s Best Flavored Fries. Up until today, they continue to become every Filipino’s favorite — and probably to others. They now have stalls and stores in Singapore, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Sydney, and more. With their 25 years in the food industry, they have received various awards and is known as one of the most loved brands.


And, for this new year, Potato Corner is blessing us all with The PC Gold Card 2020 Contest. They are giving everyone a chance to win a one-year supply of FREE Giga fries!

Potato Corner Gold Card 2020 Contest
Potato Corner Gold Card 2020 Contest Poster (Photo By: Potato Corner)

How to Join The PC Gold Card 2020 Contest?

Participants must enter their valid entry using their personal social media accounts during the promotion period (December 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM GST +8 – January 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM GST +8)


They must register their entries at http://bit.ly/PCGoldCard2020. The entries must comply with the requirements to become valid. Here are the mechanics published by Potato Corner for their PC Gold Card 2020 Contest. See full mechanics here.


Source: Potato Corner


  • Share a photo of your favorite Potato Corner experience.
  • The hashtags #PCGoldCard2020 and #1YearFreeFries hashtags must be included in your caption, together with tagging five (5) friends and Potato Corner Philippines’ official social media accounts.
  • Accounts of all entries must follow Potato Corner’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to be valid.
  • Entrants must fill out an online form to register their entry at http://bit.ly/PCGoldCard2020 for their entries to be valid.
  • Social Media Accounts must be set to public for the entire duration of the contest. Accounts must be personal, individual, authentic and verifiable. Public pages, groups and communities will be disqualified.
  • Giveaway accounts will be disqualified.
  • Usage of other people’s photos will be disqualified.
  • Photos must be owned by the entrant otherwise will be invalid.
  • Multiple entries allowed, but winner can only win once.


What are you waiting for? Snap as many photos as you can and send them away! You might be part of the lucky 500 who is going to fill their 2020 with flavored fries from Potato Corner. Make sure to use the hashtags #PCGoldCard2020 and #1YearFreeFries.

We Love Potato Corner!

Duo Lens Projct - Potato Corner Gold Card 2020 (1)
Potato Corner Fries (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

That’s right! We at Duo Lens Project are as addicted to Potato Corner as you are. So, we are showing you some of our entries for the contest— because we’ll be sending more.


Maybe we could also spark an inspiration for your own entry. Need our opinions and ideas? We’d love to share them with you!


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