Plus63 Music & Arts Festival: Introducing the Lineup [2020]

The 5th edition of Plus63 Music & Arts Festival this February 2, 2020, will feature LANY on stage with local Cebuano acts—Three Legged Men PH, Mandaue Nights, Sepia Times, Lourdes Maglinte, and DJ Short. Get to know more about them so you can jam to their songs and sing your hearts out!

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Plus63 Music & Arts Festival 2020
Plus63 Music & Arts Festival 2020 Official Banner (Source: Plus63 Music & Arts Festival Facebook Page)

Insignia Presents is once again bringing us an ultimate festival experience with Plus63 Music & Arts Festival 2020 in Cebu! This year, LANY will be headlining this massive event. Everyone is excited, and everyone is talking about it as the time to celebrate one of Cebu’s unforgettable parties of the year draws near.

To give you a snippet of who’s going to rock the stage, here is the Plus63 2020 Lineup. You can even listen to them on Spotify while you are at it!

Three Legged Men PH

Duo Lens Project - Cebu Local Scene (24)
Michael Anthony Kindica (Vocals, Guitar), Jose Mari Jabil (Saxophone) of Three Legged Men PH (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

What started as a band formed in the Queen City of the South—Cebu is now taking over the national music scene little by little. Now, this groovy band is going to share the same stage with one of America’s most popular indie pop bands.


Their music is mainly jazz, funk, and with a little taste of pop. And, if you are someone who enjoys laidback music, then you can definitely jam to the Three Legged Men. These talented artists can give you quite a show! They know how to own the stage and the crowd. So, you better not miss their act during the Plus63 Festival 2020!


Watch the official music video for their song Keep.

Sepia Times

Duo Lens Project - Cebu Local Scene (29)
Icy Ang (Vocals) of Sepia Times (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

When you first listen to Sepia Times, you can absolutely say that they will rock the stage during the Plus63 Music & Arts Festival 2020. This alt-pop duo can set the mood and vibe for a chill, exciting, and an unforgettable party.


They hype up the crowd with glowing synths and pop melodies, all laced with personal anecdotes that inspire us both in life and in love. No wonder you can see them perform in various big events in Cebu!


Here’s a video clip of them performing their song “Pills” on Wish 107.5 Bus.

Mandaue Nights

Duo Lens Project - Cebu Local Scene (19)
Karl Lucente (Vocals, Guitar) of Mandaue Nights (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Listening to this talented artists gives you that nostalgic 80s feeling of driving down empty streets on a cold night. That’s what makes Mandaue Nights unique and mesmerizing. We do not only listen to their music; we can also feel it.


They have certainly captured many Cebuanos’ hearts with their synth-pop melodies. And, not to mention, their use of the Cebuano language for their lyrics makes us proud. Because of their pure talent, they have already carved a name in the local music scene.


Listen to Mandaue Nights’ collab track with James Reid!

Lourdes Maglinte

Duo Lens Project - Cebu Local Scene (12)
Lourdes Maglinte​ (Vocals) (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

In Cebu’s growing music scene, Lourdes is definitely that popstar we all love! With her powerful voice and signature sassy character on stage, we can say that she captivates the audience like no other.


One of the things fans love about her is her talent for translating her thoughts into songs. It’s no wonder that many of us sing our hearts out when she’s performing because they cut deep into the heart.


Listen to Lourdes as she encourages us to “Ruin the Party” with her debut album.

DJ Short

Plus63 Music Festival 2020 - DJ Short
DJ Short (Source: Spectrum Philippines)

No party is complete without a DJ. At the upcoming Plus63 Festival 2020, Cebu’s very own DJ Short is going to keep us pumped up! Formerly a hip hop DJ, he is now leaning toward genre-bending style.


What most people love about him is that his playlist also includes disco, soul, 70s, and 80s tunes. His club residencies are in Distillery Cebu, Morals and  Malice, and Trademark Cebu. Are you ready to party with DJ Short?!


Plus63 Music & Arts Festival 2020 - LANY
Jake Goss (Drums), Paul Klein (Vocals, Guitar), Les Priest (Guitar) of LANY (Source:

LANY’s quick rise to fame is proof that LA’s premier indie pop band is loved by many, especially to the Filipinos. They were Spotify’s most streamed artist of 2018 in the Philippines.


What makes their music relatable to everyone is that they complement their songs with vulnerable, romantic-centric lyricism. From Malibu Nights and ILYSB to I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore and Mean It, many of their songs have become hits!


And for Plus63 Festival in Cebu, they will be taking over the stage again to serenade us with the songs that we love!


Check out their official music video for “okay”.

Are you excited?

So are we! Here’s good news for everyone. You can skip the hassle of queuing at the event by claiming your wristbands on January 31 and February 1 at SM Seaside, Cube Wing Lower Ground Floor. You can also top-up in advance for your convenience.


Learn more about the rules and updates about Plus63 Music & Arts Festival 2020 here.

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