Online Shows and Activities While in Home Quarantine

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many artists from all over the world have come to our aid so we can still enjoy ourselves at home during the quarantine period.

With many concerts, shows, and various activities being postponed or canceled due to the current global health crisis, our local music artists never stopped entertaining us with their wonderful music. Thanks to them, we won’t be rotting at home missing what it’s like out there in the outside world [Unless you volunteer as tribute to buy your groceries. P.S. Stay safe]


So before you lose your mind while in isolation, we are sharing with you a growing list of online activities and shows that you can enjoy by yourself or with your friends (on the other side of the line).

COMFY COUCH: Homegrown Music at Home

comfy couch homegrown music at home
COMFY COUCH: Homegrown Music at Home [Source: 22 Tango Records]

If you were a fan of 22 Tango Records’ The Listening Room, then you will absolutely love their new online series! Featuring some of our favorite homegrown artists, they will be doing online shows using Facebook Live starting the first day of April. 


But more on that, COMFY COUCH has been created as part of 22 Tango Records’ fundraising campaign to support Cebu Crisis Assistance Team and Total Outreach For Community Health (T.O.R.C.H.)our brave frontliners who are out there in the COVID-19 fight.


So, don’t worry much about missing out gigs, shows, and all the good stuff, because basically, everything is online as of the moment.


Sit back and help save the world by relaxing on your COMFY COUCH!


Stay updated with the event here.

LOURDES’ Start A Fire Community Music Video

LOURDES’ Start A Fire Community Music Video
LOURDES’ Start A Fire Community Music Video [Source: Music by Lourdes]

When it comes to love songs that cut down deep into our broken hearts, Lourdes Maglinte has never failed to give us all that feels. 


While we are all in isolation right now, Lourdes and her team have come up with a way to get us all involved for her music video. Not only are we supporting our favorite local popstar but we are also helping each other to stay sane in these trying times.


Channel that inner diva in you and have a chance to become a part of Lourdes  Maglinte’s #StartAFireMV. Send in your videos today!

Bayanihan Musikahan featuring Oh! Caraga

Bayanihan Musikahan - Oh! Caraga
Oh! Caraga for Bayanihan Musikahan (Source: Oh! Caraga)

Every Sugbuanon knows that we have many talented artists in our Queen City. And, when you are one who loves Visayan country pop, then you better start adding Oh! Caraga on your Spotify playlist.


But here’s more! You can catch them live on Facebook for Bayanihan Musikahan. This is an online campaign initiated by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab to provide support to various communities that are in need of food and medical supplies.


Don’t miss Oh! Caraga and help out on this event! Learn more details here.

Bisaya Online Music Festival

Bisaya Online Music Festival
Bisaya Online Music Festival Poster (Source: Bisaya Music Festival FB page)

You know what they say—music heals. So where do broken hearts go? Of course, to a Bisaya music festival! But this time, there is no need to plan your OOTD because it’s going to happen ONLINE. Plus, it’s for free! 


Invite your friends, cousins, colleagues, and your lover(s] because our very own local artists are once again going to make us fall in love [or even make us cry] with their songs. Let’s support local and sing our hearts out while we all sing HAHAHAHasula, Ihatod Tika, Ipanumpa Ko, and many more other iconic Bisaya songs.


Bisaya Online Music Festival will happen in Facebook LIVE on Easter Sunday at 5pm, featuring Oh! Caraga, Kurt Fick, Jerika Teodorico, Jacky Chang, Snake Princess, Medyo Maldito, and Raki Vega. 

Stay updated with the event by visiting their Facebook page.

More updates coming soon. Stay safe and stay sane, everyone!

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