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Cebu is a truly wonderful island with beautiful places, delicious food, and unique culture. And, it just so happens that the Queen City of the South—Cebu—is also the home of many talents, especially in the music industry.

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From BisRock and VisPop to Original Bisaya Music, the Cebu music scene is an exciting and inspiring avenue to explore and appreciate our hometown’s musical prowess. There are many Cebuano bands and solo artists who have already break through in the music business. It’s something that we should be proud of as Cebuanos. 


If you have not listened to any homegrown music, then you better listen to one. These purely talented artists tend to produce songs with more meaning and value, focusing on themes like life, love, and the society. 


We are sharing with you a growing list of Cebuano artists that have captured our hearts. 


Support Local Cebuano Music Artists You’ll Surely Love (5)
Wonggoys performing live on Plug and Play at SM Seaside Cebu (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

When it comes to pop rock, no one does it better than the Wonggoys. This band of brothers—namely Gabriel, Kyle, and William (but now a band of six)—can brighten up our mood with their music and, not to mention, their cute outfits! 


One of the best things about this band is the way they hype up the crowd with their performances. It’s lively, entertaining, and definitely fun! 


Check out their latest single, “Ako“, now available on Spotify!


Favorite Song: Weekend

Where do we go?
It wouldn't be a weekend without the fun,
It wouldn't be a weekend without the sun,
It wouldn't be a weekend at all.

Learn more about the Wonggoys:



Instagram: @wonggoys

Vincent Eco

Support Local Cebuano Music Artists You’ll Surely Love (4)
Vincent Eco during Bicester Cafe's first anniversary celebration (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Feeling a little blue? Vincent Eco’s songs are made to serenade you. This homegrown talent creates music that touches your hopeful and heartbroken soul. It’s the way how his music can put your emotions into words and beautiful rhythm.


His songs deserve a dedicated playlist for your mood. The next time you “maoy” over someone, Vincent Eco’s music is just a click away on Spotify.


Favorite Song: I Know You Do

I will love you… if you don’t.
I will hold you in my arms if you let go.
I know you are lying when you say you don’t love me
because I know you do.

Learn more about Vincent Eco:



Instagram: @vincentecomusic

Three Legged Men

Support Local Cebuano Music Artists You’ll Surely Love (2)
Three Legged Men during Keep: Music Video Launch at Draft Punk (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Pop with a hint of blues, jazz, funk, and R&B—that’s what best describes the songs of this cool Cebu-based band. Three Legged Men have been blessing us with music that we can definitely jam to.


Fun Fact: They performed during the Plus63 Music and Arts Festival last February 2, 2020, together with the famous American indie pop, LANY.


Favorite Song: Keep

But what about love
Does it have to end
What about change
No, I won’t bend
What about faith
When there’s no hope in sight

Learn more about Three Legged Men:




Instagram: @threeleggedmen

Lourdes Maglinte

Support Local Cebuano Music Artists You’ll Surely Love (1)
Lourdes Maglinte​ during Bicester Cafe's first anniversary celebration (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

When we hear the word iconic, Lourdes Maglinte is what comes into our mind. This talented young lady captivates us with her amazing voice, and of course, her inspiring and wonderful songs. No wonder that many of us love her!


Check out her Start A Fire Community Music Video here. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, no one can stop this star from shining and sharing her music.


Favorite Song: Empty Sheets

Why did I let you go, set you free
Say goodbye and leave me
Why don't you give me a chance
Come me back to me
Cause I don't wanna sleep
And wake up on empty sheets

Learn more about Lourdes Maglinte:



Instagram: @musicbylourdes


Cattski Espina
Cattski Espina during Y101FM 40th Anniversary (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Well, where do we even start? When it comes to world-class music, it’s definitely Cattski. She writes songs that speak the language of the soul. Everyone who knows her know that she is the exact definition of a woman with great passion for music.


Cattski is the founder of 22 Tango Records, an independent record label which aims to produce, promote, and distribute Cebuano music. Thanks to this woman of power, many Cebuano artists received opportunities to share their music with locals and the rest of the world.


Favorite Song: Sea Hue

When I see you, I'll be different
I won't be so sensitive
There wont be a need to be defensive
When I see you, I'll be happy
I won't be paralyzed
You'll see a smile in my eyes
When I see you

Learn more about Cattski:


Instagram: @cattskimusic

Sepia Times

Duo Lens Project - Cebu Local Scene (28)
Sepia Times performing during Acoustic Night at ASPACE Cebu (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Looking for the perfect music to pair with your cup of coffee on a rainy day? Better listen to Cebu-based alt-pop ‘power’ duo, Sepia Times.  From their songs ‘Kofi Shop’, ‘1238’, ‘Run’, ‘Let Me Go’, and ‘BreakFast’, they give us a warm and dreamy vibe.


They have recently released a remastered version of their song ‘BreakFast’ (which was only released last year) and it is absolutely a masterpiece!


Favorite Song: BreakFast (remastered)

No one else to blame for the fool that I've become
I know you're sick and tired of hearing the same old song
The memo just won't stick enough up in my head
So now I swear I won't forget my breakfast again
I won't forget my breakfast again

Learn more about Sepia Times:


Instagram: @sepiatimes

Jerika Teodorico

Jerika Teodorico during Back To Baseline Valentine's Series
Jerika Teodorico during Back To Baseline Valentine's Series

One of the things people love the most about this talented singer-songwriter is the fact that she makes us fall in love with her songs. But the best thing about her is that she can make the Cebuano language sound beautiful and romantic.


If you have ever captured the heart of your crush because you serenaded her with “Labyu Langga” or “Ihatod Tika”, that is a big thanks to Jerika Teodorico.


Favorite Song: Ihatod Tika

Na' koy ikaamot sa atoang plitihan
Wa ko gi curfewhan sa akoang inahan
Di gyod malipat bisag hagbay rang gamika
Ay'g kabalaka, hangtod's makaya
Ihatod tika

Learn more about Jerika Teodorico:


Instagram: @master.biboy

Route 83

Duo Lens Project - Cebu Local Scene (14)
Sepia Times performing during Acoustic Night at ASPACE Cebu (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

We’ve known a number of duo in the Cebu music scene, but these two are among one of the most talented. Giving us a taste of electronic pop, Route 83 is popularly known for their Cebuano-English songs.


Since the start of their music career in 2018, the duo already released a number of songs with famous tracks such as “Papercut”, “I Don’t Wanna Go”, and their latest single “Ania Ko”.


Favorite Song: Ania Ko

Perog mabalik lang to,
tinudanay lang ako
Ihatag ko'ng tanan
Kay ug mabalik lang gyud, ug ikaw mu kupot
Kayanon ang tanan

Learn more about Route 83:


Instagram: @route83music

More local artists will be listed here soon.

There are tons of other bands and solo artists that deserve recognition—Missing Filemon, Bethany, Mandaue Nights, Groovematics, Thinking Chair, Mary Anchit, and more!


Let’s support local! Attend their gigs, jam to their songs, and share their talents. 


How about you? Who is your favorite Cebuano music artist or Bisaya band?

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