Meet Your Photographers

We are called Andrian and Monique.

Duo Lens Project started out as a simple hobby—capturing whatever we see that catches our interest and inviting people to model for us. Overtime, we received opportunities that finally molded us into becoming freelance Cebu photographers. But aside from that, we also do blogging. We are not a typical photography blogger—our blogs also cover events, featured stories, tips, and our local scene.
The Duo

About Us

Duo Lens Project - A.


Commercial & Event Photographer | SEO Specialist | Conspiracy Theorist

Needs a longer bio to describe his love for cheese, music, conspiracy theories, and anything in the outer space. But photography-wise, his eyes are good in landscape, food, product, and commercial photography (just anything with no human in it, lol). He is also an SEO expert. If you have been directed to this page because you have seen our site in web results, that is all because of him.

Duo Lens Project - M.


Portrait & Event Photographer | Content Writer | Potterhead

She is only passing her time as a photographer as she patiently waits for the zombie apocalypse. And, unlike her partner Andrian, her love for photography extends to creative portraits, fashion photography, and everything else in portraiture. Aside from shooting people with her camera, she is also writing for a living. The words you read in this site are composed by her.

What We Normally Do

Photo Services

Duo Lens Project - Portraiture Photography


They say your phone’s camera can suffice, but do they have good lighting? I don’t think so. Perfect for-bloggers/professionals, family portraits, prenuptial, post-wedding, pre-debut, birthdays, and newborn. Capture life’s special milestone with this package.


Bad photography can be bad for your business. Now, drop that phone camera and get legit. Suitable for-Fashion, Interior and Architecture, Corporate, Advertising, Industrial, and Products. With this package, you can show off your brand and win the hearts of more customers.

Duo Lens Project - Commercial Photography
Duo Lens Project - Event Photography

Event Coverage

Don’t stress over your event photos. Just sit back and relax and sip your wine. Let us do all the work. Shooting for-Birthdays, Debuts, Weddings, Christening, Grand Opening, Conferences, and more. So what now? This package is waiting for you.