Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Popularly known as Kasadya sa SRP—Boom na Boom sa Sugbo is open from November 28, 2019 until January 19, 2020 to make the holiday season and Sinulog celebration even more fun and exciting!

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This annual amusement and theme park is still located at FILINVEST’s IL Corso Lifestyle Mall in South Road Properties. Just like the previous years, they will be offering over 30 rides that are extremely fun for children and thrilling for the bigger adults. Aside from that, there are about 50 food stalls in the place, making it a one-stop-shop for all families.


Live bands also serenade the place while visitors eat and chill. And, not to mention, various game booths are still present to entertain people.


Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2019 will keep amusing the Sugbuanons  until January 19, 2020 just in time for the Sinulog Grand Festival Day 2020.

Duo Lens Project - Boom na Boom sa Sugbo (4)
Entrance of Boom na Boom sa Sugbo (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)


Entrance Fee:


  • ₱20.00 – Weekdays
  • ₱25.00 – Weekends or Holidays (including Christmas and New Year)


Rides: Ranging from ₱30 – ₱50 per ride

Hours of Operation

4 PM to 2 AM daily


Note: Information provided may be changed without prior notice. Please follow their Facebook page for more updates.

Duo Lens Project - Boom na Boom sa Sugbo (2)
The Ferris Wheel at Boom na Boom sa Sugbo (Photo by: Duo Lens Project)

Tips When Visiting Boom na Boom sa Sugbo

Whether it will be your first time or you are a regular visitor of this amusement and theme park in Cebu, these tips could come in handy when you visit the place!


  1. If you don’t have a private vehicle or too broke to book a taxi or Grab, you can ride MyBus which will only cost you Php 25. When you are riding the bus from the South, you can get dropped off at Sugbo Grounds or at IL Corso. Whereas, if you ride from the North, just tell the driver to drop you off at IL Corso. The drop-off point is just a few walking distance to the park.
  2. When it is raining hours prior to your visit, NEVER wear your white shoes. The grounds could get very muddy.
  3. Bring light things. You don’t want to bring something huge and heavy as they wouldn’t allow it when you get on thrilling rides. You don’t want your things to fall off, too.
  4. If you get easily nauseous, then never eat a heavy meal before going on the rides. Things could not go well.
  5. ALWAYS remember to keep an eye on your valuables. Boom na Boom sa Sugbo is not responsible for any lost things.
  6. If you want to eat at a restaurant at Il Corso but want to come back to the park, make sure to get restamped. They allow visitors to come in and out just as long as the stamp is still visible.
  7. Bring water. All the screaming from the rides could make your throat sore. Always make sure that you stay hydrated. Drink your water, b.
  8. Bring extra cash. Game booths, rides, and not to mention, food, could be very addicting. Just in case you are tempted to throw in more cash, then just bring extra.
  9. When you experience trouble around the place, do not hesitate to ask for help from the police. There is a security team who can keep the place safe and help those who are in need.
  10. Have fun and forget about your problems. Brokenhearted? Leave it behind. Enjoy your night at this wonderful place.


Note: Their entrance to the park is already at the back, facing the sea. The parking area is located there as well.


Truly, Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2019 is a place for families, friends, barkadas, and lovers to enjoy the Christmas and Sinulog season. Not only that, this fun fair is a perfect location for having Instagrammable photos!

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